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No matter what type of artistic work you create, you will release your work and bring it to the public to enjoy and buy. If you are a musician, you will want to release your music. If you are a photographer, you will want to publish your photos and sell them. While you focus on your creative work, you will still have to have a business plan so that you can minimize unexpected surprizes along the way and to make sure that you will remain able to maintain the possiblity of produing your work successfully. We can help you create a business plan and the relevant strategies to reach your goals.


If you are offered a publishing or recording deal, a distribution deal or a sync license, our experts can review it and give you business advice on the merit  of the deal. We do not provide legal advice but we can help you understand the conditions of the deal and recommend negotiation points.


Whether it is production, touring, exhibition, or merchandizing that awaits you,, we can help you preapre a well thought out and informed budget for your upcoming project.


If you don't have your own CPA, our CPA members will be happy to keep track of your expenses and incomes, give you advice on your finances and file your taxes and other finanicial forms. So that you can do the Art and We Do the Rest!


Consult our sales members for the distribution and sale of your work, whether it is a book, painting, photos, or music.


We can help you place your music on various sales sites including Amazon, iTunes, and other online distributors, or help you set up your own online store.



Merchandising not only brings additional revenue to you as an  artist, but also helps you differentiate yourself from your competition. By effective merchandizing, you can increase your exposure and boost sales, protecting and growing your market share. Contact us to help you design produce and distribute the right merchandising for you.