Marketing & Branding


We all know that even the greatest products can’t sell themselves;  It is the image or brand perception that make people want to buy. Whatever type of art you produce, to bring it to the the public and want them to see it, or even better, buy it, you will need to develop your brand.


Creating Your Profile

A bio is a necessity for everyone pursuing a job, publishing an article, networking, promotion, and all sorts of communication. In this age of information fatigue, most people cannot be bothered to read long bios. Our PR members can prepare a short professional bio for you that you can use for all of your professional needs.


If you require a resume either in printed form or as a website, please contact us and let our experts build you an impressive resume.



Whether it is your music video, a promotional video, live performance or a fundraising video give us a call and depending on your needs and budget, our professional videographers will work with you to meet your needs.


We also provide videographers to performances, exhibitions, talks, as well as events such as concerts, parties, birthdays,  and weddings.


Social Media Marketing

A great photograph makes you stand out from every one else at first glance. You’ve worked hard to make sure that your music, book, or artwork is as good as it can be, so why not invest some time to make sure that first visual hook is just as good?


We also can provide photographers for performances, exhibitions, talks, as well as events such as concerts, parties, birthdays,  and weddings.


(Electronic Press Kit)

As an artist, your EPK is like your electronic portfolio. It tells people who you are and what you do. If you have an attractive and well build EPK you can use it to market yourself and your work.


As an artist, you want to be able to present your music, skill or artwork to venues, promoters, and buyers showing them all of the important info about yourself in one place. You can gather together the high points of your career and present it in your EPK.


Using Social Media Marketing we help you to build  meaningful relationships across all social media platforms and plan campaigns from one unified view, connecting your fans or customers in real time.


Email marketing

Email is still the most effective form of online marketing.

To encourage your fans to come to your performance, to purchase your music or art, to leave a review or watch your newest video, email is still the best way to call for action.

Studies show that email newsletters are still much more effective than a series of Facebook posts and tweets. In addition, once you receive the email of your fans, you can invite them and market to them again and again. Building your email list should be high on your priority list when it comes to marketing your creative work.