Music Production

Whether you need a song written, are looking for a co-write, need a producer, need to find a recording studio, on need to mix or master your music, we are here to help you.


Recording Studios

We can help you find the right recording studio and team.


CD production

We can help you with your CD production, from mastering to assigning a barcode, design of the cover and booklet to complete packaging and shipping to the distributor.

Video Production

We can find you a video producer and team that matches your needs and budget.


Promo-video production:  Do you need to produce a live video of your performance, an interview, an EPK or a video for a fundraising campaign? Contact us and we will find you the right match.



Marketing & Promotional Material

Whether it is an online advertisement, a blog, a promotional video, a printed portfolio or an EPK, we are here to help you with the production of your marketing material. / please see “Marketing & Branding”..