"Not a Mere Act of Replicating Nature..."

March 14, 2016



Hessam's initial attraction to photography was instilled at a young age, where the camera became an object of his fascination. He became fully immersed in this world when he at the age of seven acquired his first (agfa) box-camera. He has since been accompanied steadfastly by a range of different cameras and has experimented with the art of figurative photography.


Photography is not a mere act of replicating nature but is an independent art form; however, initially Hessam saw his photos as copies of nature. It was only when he was able to break out of the mold of replicating objects on print that he was able to put value to his art.


After graduating from the high school he went to military academy and continued his studies in the field of economy at the university in Tehran. He then worked in different fields such as accounting, fashion business, interior decoration, transport, and library.


It was his solitary travels  through Europe and the United States where he lived for more than 30 years. This changed the course of Hessam’s art and he closed his eyes to existing realities and started reflecting within his own surroundings. It was at this juncture that he chose light as the main theme in his photography.


Using light, water and colors he was able to forge his way away from the dark path which detracted him from his artistic endeavors. With the use of these elements he was able to transcend the fine line between paintings and photography. His surrealist and abstract photos are mesmerizing as he catches the moments with no preparation. He is able to relay images that a brush cannot capture onto a canvas.

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