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The Lost Princess is a gripping tale of familial loyalty, friendship, and adventure that appeals to children of all ages. The story emphasizes the power of honesty, the value of shrewdness, and the importance of love, all through the journey of the lost princess Blossom and the friends she meets along her way.


The story touches on topics of diversity, acceptance, strength, and fairness, in a gentle and meaningful way that children can understand. As Blossom and her fellow characters grow and learn throughout their adventure, so does the reader, through exciting lessons in fantasy that bear a natural resemblance to situations in real life. The real power of the book is that it was indeed written by children for children, and that in itself is enough to make it worth a second - or third, or fourth - look.


Sisters Celeste and Carmel Buckingham created this story at ages eleven and eight, respectively, and perhaps we will see further installments that the girls have written, the stories growing along with the sisters. To Celeste and Carmel, now ages twenty-one and eighteen, the story marks a significant time in their life, when they decided that their love for creativity and writing could be more than just a hobby or a pastime. Currently both pursuing musical careers, the sisters credit the release of their children's book as the starting point of their creative journeys, and it can perhaps be said that their music would not even exist had they not been encouraged at a young age to pursue their passion for writing and creating.

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