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Earl Cohen, “Celeste is  Janis Joplin looking like a supermodel!”   multi-grammy award winning producer


“I LOVE your voice. It’s mature and naturally tuned. You don’t need all that autotune crap because you are perfection. I just googled you and you’re younger than me. So much talent done in your life so far it makes me happy to know that our generation has hope in music. Your music actually has a message beyond the stereotype of sex, drugs, drinking, and partying. You have depth and class while you add a modern style, you keep the message clear in your lyrics.”


“You are truly an inspiration”



fused with a happy go lucky pop song. Her tone is mature and not forced and the authenticity of her writing is ever present as she has also crafted this song. I’ve attached “Run, Run, Run” so you can get the that's“… she FLAWLESSLY sings herself through “Run, Run, Run”, with a delicate and smart jazz sound of her musical genius. This one is radio ready and a chart-topper for the US GUARANTEED. Can we also agree that her video is perfect for her and this song? No distracting visuals, just Celeste and her pop/jazz vibe!”jist






Singer Celeste Buckingham, 18, is poised to make her airplay chart debut with “Run Run Run.” The big-voiced artist, who previously competed on the Czech Republic version of “American Idol,” is receiving early support from Radio Disney. The Mr. 305-signed singer’s introductory single was the outlet’s 23rd most-played song during the Dec. 30-Jan. 5 Nielsen BDS tracking week, with 30 plays.


– Billboard Magazine



Celeste Buckingham – Next Female Pop Star – Creative Edge Music


“That’s what strikes me the most about Celeste’s music: it has a very “real” and authentic element to it.  The sound is very true, passionate, and trustworthy if that makes sense.  I am not hearing anything fake or overly produced; rather, it’s just all raw and real goodness.  And while I’ve captioned this article as “Next Pop Star”, I’m not entirely sure Pop is an accurate label for her music.”





A born superstar: Celeste Buckingham!


“Some say Celeste Buckingham, the drop dead gorgeous Slovakian songstress, is the best thing to have happened to contemporary music as of late and in all honesty, they’re not wrong. Much like many other sensational fellow singers, our talented star (that is Celeste) not only sings, she also writes her own songs…. Celeste, in the book of music gurus, is the ‘next big thing’ and an artist to watch out for. If you have not had the chance to catch her live in action, you’re missing out. Just make sure to grab tickets to her show the next time our gorgeous, melodious star comes to your city.”





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